Monday, October 26, 2009

Hawker Food

We stop by this hawker stall on the way back to the Uni one night.
This the local version of "O Chien" "豪煎"
Fried oyster with egg.
crispy, no flour, just with egg.
yummy !

mix beef organs

went to a shopping centre food court in MBK
Ma Bung Kong in Bangkok

went there after the course for dinner.

walk around and found this in the food court

nice flavour, soft and juicy........ yummy !


Had to go for a short course trip to bangkok straight after the wedding.
cause it was planned much earlier......
First night in Bangkok,......went to ChinaTown

We had 炆羊肉.........tasty !

and ofcourse........the internal organs 猪杂 ! Yummy.......

The Big Night !

well, no need to nerate. the pictures are self explainatory :-)

tea ceremony

here we are going through the trditional tea ceremony.

Rob and Judy was there as well.
came all the way just to be at the wedding.

After all that done......... Makan !

8th October

Well, we went through the actual trditional day on the 8th

here is my car nicely decorated, all ready to pick up my bride !

And there it is, my lovely bride. :-)

1st October

Been a while since the last update.
as you all know, i have been super busy over this period......

the Wedding.
Anyhow, its all done, and here i am to do some updating.

So.......its official......

Mr & Mrs Koh. :-)