Monday, June 29, 2009

Proton MPV

Well....... LC wanted to have a look at the new proton..
and we drop by one in puchong.

the MPV looks impresive, and spacious.
and the price is ok as well,
about RM 75k with full accesories.

only one thing is that, the seats are a bit small
for the size of the car.


Went with LC to try out a new place in Bandar Puteri, Puching.
Hometown Kopitiam.
it was mid afternoon, not very hungry, but just wanted to
have a drink and try the place out.
we tried their "Yao Char Kuai" 油条
and it comes with mayonnaise on it
and we had and ice honey lemon, and a pineapple and lemon drink.
well,......the drinks are ok.
only the service is a bit on the down side.
most of the waitresses are not local,
so communication is hard.
and when we wanted to pay........
the Boss' son had to keep me waiting at the counter
for about 5 minutes, just so that he could figure out
what we had to eat and drink.
and......another 5 minutes to figure out
how to punch in the order into the reister.....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Done !

Am Happy Today......
Finally, handed over the keys to the new tenant
and ofcourse the most inportant thing....
i collected the deposit and the first month
advance rental......
sweet :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Chicken Rice 鸡饭

LC was telling me about this chicken rice place......

and they have the best roast Pork 烧肉
Well, the place is mei mei 美美 kopitiam
just opposite the 4 face buddha in OUG.

We ordered a plate of mixed, 烧肉, 叉烧, 烧鸡
and a plate of vege.
the roast pork is special cause the meat is soft and the skin,
is sooooo, crispy, and not hard at all.
the stall's name is 文记.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Early this morning, while on the way down,
this is what i saw.......
another bag of rubbish, of which
someone on my floor is just too lazy to
complete the journey down with their rubbish !
what sort of mentality does these people have ??

Rest in Peace

Yesterday was a busy day.
and finally we have laid our beloved grand father to rest
in Peace.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Well......... was telling LC that the person i showed the unit to
on saturday was a bit fussy, especially the Girlfriend.
why GF ? cause she does not look like a wife. :-)
anyway, just received a phone call from him,
and he has agreed to rent the place starting 1st July.
so, guess its done ! RENTED OUT.

Sad Day

On the weekend, was told my grandfather was admitted to hospital.
So on Sunday, took mom and went to visit him.
Sad sight,....... he was hooked up to so many tubes, and machine.
he could not speak, but we felt that he knew we were there.
At that moment, it made me think of my Dad.
I was lucky in a way, cause my dad passed away in my arms.
At 2pm on sunday, we received the news that he was gone.
we shall miss you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

No More wild Goose chase

Makes me wonder....... what is wrong with people nowadays.....
especially foreigners !

Well.... got another call from a foreigner again to day about the apartment.
" can i see the place today ?" the person said.

"sure !, i will be there before 5pm" i said.

so, i left office about 4.30pm and got there just about 5pm.
waited for about 15 minutes........

so i called.
"the place is too far, we are not interested" the person said.

"you should have atleast called me if you are not interested,
so that i don't have to rush down here !"
and i hangup the phone.

so, next time.....they can wait for ME !

New Perodua

Was reading the newspapaer this morning.
read something about a new perodua MPV. and did some searching.
as you can see, both the toyota and perodua are almost indentical.
I suppose the only difference is in the price and some minor details.
Even with a cheaper price, around RM 66k.
in this economic climate,
do how many of us that are fortunate enough,
to able able to afford to change a car. ?
most will choose to just stay will the old one i guess.
for the mean time :-)


To me and LC....... this is the King of seafood !
Few weeks back, LC was craving for seafood, especially crabs.
so i have suggested a place i have been a while back,
and it had like about 30 different ways of cooking crab ! yummy !
BUT...... after driving all the way there,
i could not find the place. sigh
guess my memory was not that good after all !! :-)
so, on the weekend, we saw it on TV.
the place we were suppose to have crabs !
So...... i have done some searching.......
guess we did not go further in last time.
now i know where it is....
Eating CRAB this Weekend !!
Will update after the meal.......with some pictures !

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Time is precious !
Well, after the enquiry, they make appointment to see the apartment.
"you want to come around 4pm ? ok, 4pm i will be there, i said"
when almost there, call came......
"jimmy.... i am on my way now"
i replied.... "ok. i will wait for you downstairs"
i walk over to 7 eleven to get an ice-cream
still waiting........
i call........
"are you here yet ?"
replied "hmmmm.........i can't make it, can we make it tomorrow ?"
sigh............ what happened to courtesy ?
atleast call if you can't make it, and don't make other people wait !

Cheras Apartment

Well........ took my friend's advice and put an ad in
and straight away i received 3 emails enquiring about it.

today, one of them called.
by the sound of it, it seems like some sort of
african foreign students..... (maybe ??)

From what i have read in the news and stories that people tell,
am wondering should i rent it out to them ?

what if they use the place for some vice activities ?
ofcourse...... not all of them are like that.

showing the apartment to one of them this afternoon.
will see how..........

Monday, June 8, 2009

Indiana Jones

Well....... Me and LC were both feeling a bit tired on the weekend
and decided to just relax at home.
and ofcourse the weather.... So Hot !

We went from the Raiders of the Lost Ark, to Kingdom of doom,
and to The Last Crusade.........
and they are all great films.....
enjoyed it.

Stadium collapse

Following the the roof collapse at the Sultan Mizan Stadium.....
Source....... The Star
KUALA TERENGGANU: Several Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers were seen photographing and interviewing witnesses at the site of the collapsed roof at the Sultan Mizan Zainal Stadium in Gong Badak.
When approached, one officer said a probe had been initiated into the awarding and managing of the contract to a South Korean construction firm which was responsible for the work.
“We are probing whether there are elements of graft and mismanagement,” said the officer who requested anonymity.

He said the MACC would focus its probe on the awarding process of the contract.
Asked if politicians and senior government officials had been involved in the awarding of the contract, he said: “It’s still premature and I don’t want to elaborate on this.”
Well....... Lets see who is to blame this time, or maybe
the issue might me just swept under the carpet after some time.
as usual....... the probe will take time.

Apartment to LET

just a short announcement !
Recently, my apartment is vacant again.
last tenant just moved out.
so i have an apartment to let.
Cheras Business Centre.
its Block H, on the 4th floor.
so.......if anyone is interested. ?
drop me a line.
and leave your contact.

潮楼馆 Restaurant

Was back to this restaurant again on the weekend.
潮楼馆 in bandar puteri, puchong

LC had this "yam and lap cheong" fried rice.
and i had 酸菜云吞麵
i suppose anything friend with "lap cheong" is nice.
and the 云吞麵, ok lah, nothing special.

One thing i want to mentioned is that, this restaurant has this gimmick.

everytime we go there, they will give a RM 5 voucher to be use next time.

but so far we have collected about RM20 and we are still unable to use it.


you must have more then RM40 in your next receipt inorder to use it. :-(

and everytime we go, the bill always come to less then RM40.

SO, guess its just a useless piece of paper to us.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium

The Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium.
The pride of a state, beautiful, grand and new stadium.
and is a very impresive new stadium.

Yet.......this is what it looks like since 2 days ago. !

Why ? there must be someone who knows.

Heard something on the radio on the way to office this morning,.

they were talking about the Mr 10%

well, the Mr 10% are the people who does not do much but get paid.

which forces the rest of the people who actually do the work to cut corners.

and Maybe ??? this is the cause ??


everyone would agree....... the weather lately is Sooooooo HOT !

well, woke up and was feeling abit sick. Flu season !!

But, again, no one in the office except me as one of the staff......
"Saya kena cuti, nak bawak abang ke hospital....."

again ? or was it last time, just last week......conveniently on a thursday,
"Saya demam lah, MC"
then the next news......and ofcourse....its friday,
then saturday and sunday off.


So, i am stuck in the office today.

But other then that, the weather is so hot that, the boys that work in the field,
are sort of all down with some sort of flu.

but hey ! i appreciate them, they still go to work.
"Ada kerja, kita kerja, tak tau lah bila ada kerja."
"Bila tak ada kerja, baru lah kita rehat !"

I appreciate them, thanks