Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Went to 1 Utama for dinner on the weekend.
and LC was craving for fresh Oyster..........
So we went to Shogun
Its a all you can eat place that charges RM 63++

The only thing that is propably nice are the fresh oysters.
other then that, yes there are a lot of variety,
including varieties in sushi.
including this hot pot that we did not order
and came by itself.
its a waste of food really........
cause we hardly touched it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bumbu Bali

Me and LC decided to try out this place
call Bumbu Bali, in Puchong.
most of you might know this place.
its suppose to serve authentic Balinese food.

But it has a mix menu
including western food.

This is the nasi campur special.
not bad, has a good variety of BBQ/Grill stuff

I had this, the Kambing Bumbu.....

and this...... a must try.....the sup buntut.
or as we call it sup ekor.
wah...... nice , cause the meat is soooooo soft
and i think the soup has been boiled for quite some time,
as the soup is tasty and the meat so soft.

Nyonya Imperial

went to this place in puchong with LC for dinner.
from the look of the place, it should have been nice.

the deco is new and quite comfortable.

But when it come down to the food..........
this is what i had, a special "fried ho fun"
a bit too soggy, and was served on a flat plate which makes it hard
to scoop up the gravy and ho fun.
our verdict........ not again.

Attitude !

This is propably a common sight for most drivers.......
traffic is heavy, and yes there is a queue,
but yet most other drivers think that it is
their god given right to jump queue and risk having an accident.
but what about the normal law abiding drivers ?
do we not have any rights ?
and as can be seen, i guess that the people who drives merc are too
educated to see that they are breaking the law.
what are we turning into ?