Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Park

Decided to have morning walk in the local park, during the weekend
a nice park i must say......from a far. :-)
halfway through the park........and near the pond.....
what i saw was rubbish.!

and one of the thigs people see in our parks.
too common.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

冬至 winter solstice

Its the time of the year again......

to eat "Tang Yuan 汤圆"

Done the prayers in the morning.....

now waiting for the big feast tonight.

Wish everyone have a nice celebration tonight of 冬至

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is what greeted us this morning at the site office.
makes you wonder..........
is it just an accident ? or is someone having some problem with someone else ??
well........ human behaviour !

Monday, December 14, 2009

上汤蒸鱼头 steamed fish head

Tried out this place in puchong batu 14 with LC last night

its easy to find.

in Puchong Utama, near the famous dry bak kut teh.

Fish head cost Rm24, steamed with ginger and garlic,
not bad, and the tau fu pok wah stuffed with meat and vegie,
nice as well......
overall..... Good.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sony W508

was at the maxis centre to get a new sim card.
and found out they have an offer for this phone.
2 phones for RM 600+
nice..... i got two.
one for me and one for LC.
so now we can do video call...... :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009


we had a lobster dinner at this place.....
but unfortunately, the lobster we had was a frozen one,
I thought would have got fresh live one in Langkawi.

The way the lobster was cooked as well......
not nice. taste strange.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

雪蛤 hasma

雪蛤糖水....... looks yummy :-)
but LC does not have a sweet tooth......
so we just end up soaking it and cooking it with just water.....
雪蛤 or hasma's health benefits.......
but.......... it is ingredients made of dried fallopian tube of FROGS!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

鸭腿麵 in BIDOR


Heard sooo much about this place every time i go to bidor.....
friends keep on asking me, "you go to bidor and never had the famous
duck mee - 鸭腿麵 ?"
So........ this morning before coming back to KL,
I stop at a shop along the main (only) street.
"品珍 pun chin (i think)"
anyway, its just next to the people selling petai along the main street.
the duck drumstick is cooked with chinese herbal ingredients
a sort of "Dun tong 燉汤"
quite tasty.
and the mee, is the won ton mee.....
nice as well, not soggy.
all in all...... nice

Friday, November 6, 2009

port dickson

Went to Port Dickson with Rob and Judy the day after the wedding dinner.

Booked a place called LE PARIS in portdickson

from the picture they have up in the website,
it looks decent.

But, once were are there,....... we found out otherwise.

its old, the pool looks dirty, sofa and floor does not seem to have been
look after for some time.

generally, only 20% of what they show in the website.

on top of that........
this is what i saw in the carpark area.....
This is in the car park, and right above is the pool.
the leak looks dangerous, and seems like it did not just occur overnight and has been
like this for some time.
i was just praying that the place does not collapse while we are there.
but it does look like its going to happen anytime !

Mantis Prawn

on the second day, we went to pantai cenang, and by the time we got there,
it was lunch time.
so we spotted a place that looks ok.
so, normally, a place like langkawi, seafood should be reasonably priced.
as usual, no need to ask for price, and we asked for mantis prawn.
the boss suggested 2, steamed.
guess how much we paid for that.......
RM 82 ! for 2 mantis prawn.
I think we were charged too much, but we quietly paid and left.


Off we went to Langkawi...............
Well, LC had not been back to the place since she was 5 !
And from all the "Hu Hah !" that people has been saying about Langkawi,
we were excited to actually make the trip there for part 1 of our honeymoon.
We got there midday, got a car, and stop for lunch in a seafood shop in town.

had normal stuff, 竹滩,fried mee, bitter gourd, and the 老黄瓜汤
reasonable priced, no complain.

Finally........... we made it to our honeymoon !

象拔蚌 elephant trunk clam

Elephant trunk clam or 象拔蚌
took this picture while we took Rob and Judy for seafood dinner in klang.
most people would giggle and laugh at the picture.
but to many people, it is a delicacy, yummy...... :-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hawker Food

We stop by this hawker stall on the way back to the Uni one night.
This the local version of "O Chien" "豪煎"
Fried oyster with egg.
crispy, no flour, just with egg.
yummy !

mix beef organs

went to a shopping centre food court in MBK
Ma Bung Kong in Bangkok

went there after the course for dinner.

walk around and found this in the food court

nice flavour, soft and juicy........ yummy !


Had to go for a short course trip to bangkok straight after the wedding.
cause it was planned much earlier......
First night in Bangkok,......went to ChinaTown

We had 炆羊肉.........tasty !

and ofcourse........the internal organs 猪杂 ! Yummy.......

The Big Night !

well, no need to nerate. the pictures are self explainatory :-)

tea ceremony

here we are going through the trditional tea ceremony.

Rob and Judy was there as well.
came all the way just to be at the wedding.

After all that done......... Makan !

8th October

Well, we went through the actual trditional day on the 8th

here is my car nicely decorated, all ready to pick up my bride !

And there it is, my lovely bride. :-)

1st October

Been a while since the last update.
as you all know, i have been super busy over this period......

the Wedding.
Anyhow, its all done, and here i am to do some updating.

So.......its official......

Mr & Mrs Koh. :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

done !

Well........ i like this picture. :-)
Me and my Wife
All went well in Sungai Petani over the weekend.
the dinner and the tea ceremony was well done.
no more worries.
now.....just to wait for 1st October, and the big do......
8th October....2009 !
and ...... p.s. sorry for not updating the blog, cause
was really busy with the wedding plans.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Emerald Puteri Hotel

Sorry about the quality of picture........
Well, Me and LC was back in SP.
we arrived late and decided to stay in a hotel instead.
so.........Emarald Puteri it was.
LC called earlier in the day to make a reservation,
and the staff just replied, " No need to book, plenty of rooms."
so, we did not.
once arrive at the check in counter,
told the guy, and the reply was,
"sorry, we do not have anymore normal rooms, but you can have
the deluxe for extra RM50"
anyway, i did not argue, and just say ok.
went up to the room........
and it was a room with 2 single bed.
came down again and complained, and insisted to have a
room with double bed..
after some arguement, i was about to walk out,
and suddenly,......
"Sir, i just confirmed theres one room available,
the person who reserved it has just cancelled.!"
and guess what ? this is all happening at 12.30am
went up to the room....was damned tired,
while waiting for LC to have a shower, i tried to turn on the TV.
and guess what. it does not work .
SO....... I will not recomend this hotel to anyone. !