Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chung Hua Seremban 1983

If you are looking at this RAY, i have circled three person
that i still have still some impression.
But very sorry, do not know their names.
and which is you ??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Birthday Dinner

Decide to try out this place
Umai-Ya for my birthday dinner
LC decides to have Edi Tempura set.......the prawns are nice

I decided to try their Okonomi Yaki.Align Center
Surprisingly......Not Bad at All

All in all...... a nice dinner with my wife.

Another Year Older !

Another Year Older and here I am spending it with
a special person.
And hey, atleast I get a nice cake and a Big Kiss :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Went to 1 Utama for dinner on the weekend.
and LC was craving for fresh Oyster..........
So we went to Shogun
Its a all you can eat place that charges RM 63++

The only thing that is propably nice are the fresh oysters.
other then that, yes there are a lot of variety,
including varieties in sushi.
including this hot pot that we did not order
and came by itself.
its a waste of food really........
cause we hardly touched it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bumbu Bali

Me and LC decided to try out this place
call Bumbu Bali, in Puchong.
most of you might know this place.
its suppose to serve authentic Balinese food.

But it has a mix menu
including western food.

This is the nasi campur special.
not bad, has a good variety of BBQ/Grill stuff

I had this, the Kambing Bumbu.....

and this...... a must try.....the sup buntut.
or as we call it sup ekor.
wah...... nice , cause the meat is soooooo soft
and i think the soup has been boiled for quite some time,
as the soup is tasty and the meat so soft.

Nyonya Imperial

went to this place in puchong with LC for dinner.
from the look of the place, it should have been nice.

the deco is new and quite comfortable.

But when it come down to the food..........
this is what i had, a special "fried ho fun"
a bit too soggy, and was served on a flat plate which makes it hard
to scoop up the gravy and ho fun.
our verdict........ not again.

Attitude !

This is propably a common sight for most drivers.......
traffic is heavy, and yes there is a queue,
but yet most other drivers think that it is
their god given right to jump queue and risk having an accident.
but what about the normal law abiding drivers ?
do we not have any rights ?
and as can be seen, i guess that the people who drives merc are too
educated to see that they are breaking the law.
what are we turning into ?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Me and LC

Me and LC in the lift.
self potrait ! :-)

two of Oah Family Girls !


was in Gurney Plaza, after shopping,
we stop by on the 4th floor for lunch.

something interesting is this pumpkin chicken......
not bad.
but the soup we ordered, ABC soup, not so tasty.

hokkien Mee 福建麵, 虾麵

was is prai looking for breakfast the scond day.
LC recommended this place.
Lian Geak 莲玉 sells only hokkien mee

we ordered some roast pork, and lo bak......
nice, as the hokkien mee taste just nice.
not too strong taste, or spicy.

钓鱼台 seafood restaurant

went to Bukit Tambun.
according to all, its the famous seafood place,
and yes........
there must be dozens of seafood restaurant to choose from.
and we were taken to 钓鱼台.
we had crab, fish,taufu and their mee.
all is nice except for the flies.....!
might have been the weather ? maybe ?

and these are the women of the Oah Family :-)

mau chee 麻芝

Was in Penang for a few days for Chinese New Year.....
as usual...... FOOD !
went to the food court opposite Northam Hotel......
named Northam as well.

discovered an interesting "mau chi"

They called it the First Penang Colourful Mau Chee !
not just one flavour.
taste is different, sweet and salty, but not too sweet and salty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bistro 32, Puchong

nice scallops.......LC liked it

and the prawns too. yummy !

lamb shank

and slamon.......
all in all was nice. we liked the place.
it had a live band playing, there was a good crowd as well.

but only one thing....... the mojito was potent !!
it was happy hour price, so we had a jug between the 2 of us......

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my darling wife. :-)


LC feeling refreshed !
after a massage and a nice cup of ginger tea.
not bad, but LC did mentioned that it was just ok.
I was a bit sick to feel anything,
had the flu.
cost us about RM 300 for 2 person,
i guess it was ok.


picture first !

LC enjoying her drink whole we waited for our was a hot day !

she had a mee soto i think or mee soup.

while i tried the soto ayam

and this is their sambal. taste different but nice cause it has tomato in it.

Been a while since the last update.
me and LC was in Bali recently.
so we can say.......We have been to BALI TOO ! :-)
we stayed at the all seasons, and did the tour of tanah lot....
it was nice, except for the driver/tour guide.
BAD BAD BAD experience............

he promised to pick us up on the last day and send us to the airport,
even collected a deposit of RP 50,000
but did not show up when he should.
called him, and the reply was on the way.
we waited for 30 minutes and ended up catching the taxi to the airport.
one good thing though.
i made a comment/complain on airasia's FB
and got a reply.
gave them the details of the operator.
and guess what........

the guy called me.
claim that he has lost his job, and he went to the hotel but we were not there.
ofcourse ! he was late !
anyhow, it was good of airasia to actually take notice. and act on it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


All of a sudden on the weekend, LC was craving for Laksa
the Penang Laksa :-)
Mana mau cari........?
and we end up in Citurs Park, next to Plaza OUG.
in there, theres a place called Ah Cheng's Laksa
LC ordered the Laksa with extra fish.
Looks nice, and according to LC, it was NICE>>>:-)
I ordered the Mee Kari (Curry)
with extra see hum (Kerang)
Did not like it very much
Not my kind of taste.
The set we ordered, came with "long gan"
that tasted ok.
If i go there again.......definately will not order the mee kari again.
stick with just the Laksa.