Tuesday, February 9, 2010


picture first !

LC enjoying her drink whole we waited for our lunch.....it was a hot day !

she had a mee soto i think or mee soup.

while i tried the soto ayam

and this is their sambal. taste different but nice cause it has tomato in it.

Been a while since the last update.
me and LC was in Bali recently.
so we can say.......We have been to BALI TOO ! :-)
we stayed at the all seasons, and did the tour of tanah lot....
it was nice, except for the driver/tour guide.
BAD BAD BAD experience............

he promised to pick us up on the last day and send us to the airport,
even collected a deposit of RP 50,000
but did not show up when he should.
called him, and the reply was on the way.
we waited for 30 minutes and ended up catching the taxi to the airport.
one good thing though.
i made a comment/complain on airasia's FB
and got a reply.
gave them the details of the operator.
and guess what........

the guy called me.
claim that he has lost his job, and he went to the hotel but we were not there.
ofcourse ! he was late !
anyhow, it was good of airasia to actually take notice. and act on it.

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