Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loan Sharks !

While having my morning coffee, this is what i read.....

First Look at the picture, and the thought came to mind........
2 more terrorist being lockup at Guantanamo ???

Loan shark's hellhole torture for defaulters

KUALA LUMPUR: Police rescued three men who were chained like dogs, beaten and forced to survive on water and bread in yet another case of shocking treatment inflicted by loan sharks on their debtors.

You can read more here...... NEWS

Guess what.....these people borroed less then RM 2000.
What would happen if you are borrowed RM 200,000 from a loan shark ?

And where is the logic and why do people do it ?

most of these people are hawkers, or doing small businesses that only takes cash,
and they do not have audited accounts or pay slips........

bank will definately turn them away, so....where else would they get a loan from ?

What else....other then loan sharks ? its easy to get a loan from them,
no questions ask.

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