Friday, August 21, 2009

Emerald Puteri Hotel

Sorry about the quality of picture........
Well, Me and LC was back in SP.
we arrived late and decided to stay in a hotel instead.
so.........Emarald Puteri it was.
LC called earlier in the day to make a reservation,
and the staff just replied, " No need to book, plenty of rooms."
so, we did not.
once arrive at the check in counter,
told the guy, and the reply was,
"sorry, we do not have anymore normal rooms, but you can have
the deluxe for extra RM50"
anyway, i did not argue, and just say ok.
went up to the room........
and it was a room with 2 single bed.
came down again and complained, and insisted to have a
room with double bed..
after some arguement, i was about to walk out,
and suddenly,......
"Sir, i just confirmed theres one room available,
the person who reserved it has just cancelled.!"
and guess what ? this is all happening at 12.30am
went up to the room....was damned tired,
while waiting for LC to have a shower, i tried to turn on the TV.
and guess what. it does not work .
SO....... I will not recomend this hotel to anyone. !

1 comment:

  1. So BAD they are! Thanks for sharing your experience ^^

    Such people don't know how to make their business develop... They should know they just can cheat one time...