Friday, November 6, 2009

port dickson

Went to Port Dickson with Rob and Judy the day after the wedding dinner.

Booked a place called LE PARIS in portdickson

from the picture they have up in the website,
it looks decent.

But, once were are there,....... we found out otherwise.

its old, the pool looks dirty, sofa and floor does not seem to have been
look after for some time.

generally, only 20% of what they show in the website.

on top of that........
this is what i saw in the carpark area.....
This is in the car park, and right above is the pool.
the leak looks dangerous, and seems like it did not just occur overnight and has been
like this for some time.
i was just praying that the place does not collapse while we are there.
but it does look like its going to happen anytime !

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