Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Pork stew chinese style ! :-)

Its simple. you just need some prok ribs 排骨(reason, less fat), carrot , radish, shitake mushrooms,and a few small pieces of ginger.

cut them up, put in the pot and boil.

boild the ribs first, cause it takes the longest to cook, to get it to be soft.

then add in the other ingredients.

the whole process takes about an hour or so. make sure enough water is in there.

lastly, once everything is nice and soft.(but not too soft) add in some oyster sauce, and thick soya sauce. and its done.

goes with a nice soup (鸡,淮山,玉竹 烫) a nice and complete meal....... :-)

LC loves it.


  1. yummy yummy-when will u cook again?then can invite me to try mah....XD

  2. no problem 没问题
    maybe you can introduce a good and cheap handphone for me :-)