Monday, April 20, 2009


Was reading the news this morning, and was shocked to read.....
Rubina Ali is for sale for RM 1.5m !!

This time as age ,...... is this still happening ?

She was the award winning child actress, and now she is for sale,
because according to her father, he needs the money, and he wants to gice her a better future.

Makes me wonder, doesn't she gets anything from staring in the award winning film.

is this a good example of exploitation by big companies ? or exploitation in the 3rd world ?

where is the fairness of all this. ? i would have assumed that since the film is a big hit,
everyone that was involved with the production of it would have benefited from it.

or is it just that few person, who have since got fame and fortune, while the rest stays in the slum !

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