Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Another tiring day at work today......
work, work and more work.
I should be very happy that theres so much work, but then again, theres somthing not right thats making me feel bad.

Another promise broken ?? maybe ??
as promised,....... the most commonly used phrase.... (Inshallah....kita akan bayar minggu ini) !
is it really in god's hand when it come down to a matter of paying or not ??

In a way, yes and very much no !.
We all beleive in GOD !, but the problems we face nowadays, its got nothing to do with god,
but instead...... the greed of MEN !

If theres an earthquake, i understand, a flood, maybe...... tsunami..... God's will maybe....
but work done and not getting paid.....!! i think not so

why order someone to do the job when you can't pay ?
and if you can pay.....why not pay instead of delaying.......??

normal working people suffers because of the greed of a few !!!

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