Monday, March 30, 2009

End of Month

Its the start of the week, but yet its the end of the month as well.

For the people who works for someone, well, its a time to Look forward to,
as end of month = pay day !

For the people who employs people to work, well,
worry time, and employers just dread this time of the month as
paying your workers without being able to collect is not an easy thing to do.

reading the news everyday, where, people are out of jobs, and not getting work,
where is everything heading to...........

what i can't understand is that, still, there are soooo many people who are living it up,
buying big cars, big house, spending thousands of dolloars a night, mistresses, and yet on the other hand, when you talk to the normal people on the streets, everyone will say....
'economy very bad', 'don't know how lah this year', 'no job', 'don't know when will get paid lah'

so how come ??

Is this the classic example of the rich getting richer ?

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