Monday, March 2, 2009


Well, it seems like more and more often nowadays, theres a story about someone's naked pics on the net ? why ?

but then again, if it is meant for private use, why not ?

between two consenting adult, there should not be any so call moral isuues right ?

An expert comment:

Maybe secretly many people want to be a porn star. It is happening worldwide and even in Australia, you see it happening more and more,” renowned Australian sex therapist
Dr Rosie King

Another expert comment :

“Many studies show that people can get sexually stimulated from pictures, videos or even watching themselves get naked in the mirror. There are those who get sexually aroused by their imagination and others from a memory of their sexual intercourse. In this case, what is the difference between a memory and videotape?” he asks.

According to a report in a local Chinese language daily, local sex video clips, whether taken without the knowledge of the couple or for their personal collection, are highly in demand among Malaysians.

Are we malaysian really into dirt, scandal, sex ? or are we just
very ke-poh-chi ??

But then again, my guess is that, scandal news & and naked pics are better then news about the economy, retrenchment, losing jobs and gloomy outlook.
a change of wind i suppose, even for that few minutes...........

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