Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Came across some pictures of high profile politicians' sons having a good time somewhere, drinking and womanizing.......!!

and what surprise me was that, is it "like father like son" ?? or is it just a case of well educated, high profile, "respected" politicians do not have time to guide his son ??

well.......its a shame to see this, while these politicians are preaching to us something else, and in their own house, a different sets of rules.

How did the pictures find its way to the net ?

it is understood that, high profile politicians have a lot of so call "political enemies"...........
But, if you know there is, then why do it, and show it ??
They should all show by example, .......... then, maybe, the normal citizens might just beleive what the politicians are trying to preach to them.

And since the pictures were shown, the site was blocked.
why? what happened to freedom of speach ? The truth is always the Truth....

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