Friday, March 13, 2009


work ? or paper work ? equally important i suppose.....

I can not beleive myself. been sitting in the office for the past few hours, writing letters.
and all i wanted to do is to just send some survey drawings out.
but i have to write a 3 page letter, telling stories, making sure i don't directly or indirectly say the wrong thing........ sigh

what ever happened to simple work, just do it..... and not having to worry about someone, somewhere, someday, to just turn around and point the finger at you !! and saying.....

and whatever you say will not matter, as the answer will be......"ei, how come you did not inform us earlier ?? why you tak ada put in black and white ??"

then again, if we put it all in writing.......the answer will be.....
"ei, bro, apalah ini,...... no need to write and complain mah, just come and discuss and we solve the problem here, no need to write all these lah......nanti big boss tau, susah lah..."

so. is this so call our local way of being professional ??

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