Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just another day

Woke up early again today, and thought that there will be no traffic jam.
hey ..... after all its school holidays.
but, once i passed the Sg Besi toll....... the same thing. JAM...

Everyone is heading to the City for shopping ? so early ? and still those people can afford to spend ?? ....... 'anyway...'

In the papers agian and again....... i have read.

Normal citizens like us are still complaining about the amount of tax payers' money the government is spending on COMPENSATION to the consessionaires .......

It still puzzles me as to, why do we have to pay for all this ?

and why did the government sign contracts that guarantee income for the highway operators.

price increases, number of cars increases,.....so that should mean their income has increased.
then why should we still compensate them, especially when they announce profits every year !!


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