Monday, June 8, 2009

潮楼馆 Restaurant

Was back to this restaurant again on the weekend.
潮楼馆 in bandar puteri, puchong

LC had this "yam and lap cheong" fried rice.
and i had 酸菜云吞麵
i suppose anything friend with "lap cheong" is nice.
and the 云吞麵, ok lah, nothing special.

One thing i want to mentioned is that, this restaurant has this gimmick.

everytime we go there, they will give a RM 5 voucher to be use next time.

but so far we have collected about RM20 and we are still unable to use it.


you must have more then RM40 in your next receipt inorder to use it. :-(

and everytime we go, the bill always come to less then RM40.

SO, guess its just a useless piece of paper to us.

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