Monday, June 22, 2009

Chicken Rice 鸡饭

LC was telling me about this chicken rice place......

and they have the best roast Pork 烧肉
Well, the place is mei mei 美美 kopitiam
just opposite the 4 face buddha in OUG.

We ordered a plate of mixed, 烧肉, 叉烧, 烧鸡
and a plate of vege.
the roast pork is special cause the meat is soft and the skin,
is sooooo, crispy, and not hard at all.
the stall's name is 文记.


  1. the plate of mixed looks so yummy... wish there's an English translation of the stall's name, though. heheh!

  2. Wow, this food looks interesting. I love roast pork.

  3. true.....the roast prok is nice., and sorry
    will put in a translator in the blog :-)