Friday, June 12, 2009

No More wild Goose chase

Makes me wonder....... what is wrong with people nowadays.....
especially foreigners !

Well.... got another call from a foreigner again to day about the apartment.
" can i see the place today ?" the person said.

"sure !, i will be there before 5pm" i said.

so, i left office about 4.30pm and got there just about 5pm.
waited for about 15 minutes........

so i called.
"the place is too far, we are not interested" the person said.

"you should have atleast called me if you are not interested,
so that i don't have to rush down here !"
and i hangup the phone.

so, next time.....they can wait for ME !

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  1. sorry bro,it seems that ive giving u a problem since i advise u to advertise it @
    sorry bro...