Thursday, June 4, 2009


everyone would agree....... the weather lately is Sooooooo HOT !

well, woke up and was feeling abit sick. Flu season !!

But, again, no one in the office except me as one of the staff......
"Saya kena cuti, nak bawak abang ke hospital....."

again ? or was it last time, just last week......conveniently on a thursday,
"Saya demam lah, MC"
then the next news......and ofcourse....its friday,
then saturday and sunday off.


So, i am stuck in the office today.

But other then that, the weather is so hot that, the boys that work in the field,
are sort of all down with some sort of flu.

but hey ! i appreciate them, they still go to work.
"Ada kerja, kita kerja, tak tau lah bila ada kerja."
"Bila tak ada kerja, baru lah kita rehat !"

I appreciate them, thanks

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