Monday, June 29, 2009


Went with LC to try out a new place in Bandar Puteri, Puching.
Hometown Kopitiam.
it was mid afternoon, not very hungry, but just wanted to
have a drink and try the place out.
we tried their "Yao Char Kuai" 油条
and it comes with mayonnaise on it
and we had and ice honey lemon, and a pineapple and lemon drink.
well,......the drinks are ok.
only the service is a bit on the down side.
most of the waitresses are not local,
so communication is hard.
and when we wanted to pay........
the Boss' son had to keep me waiting at the counter
for about 5 minutes, just so that he could figure out
what we had to eat and drink.
and......another 5 minutes to figure out
how to punch in the order into the reister.....

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